Thursday, October 06, 2011

Return of the living......well im not dead yet

Oh man I was looking over this blog and could not remember when the last time was able to post. Life just catches up with you and eats all your time ..... all the time. Well I'm back and i need to stay on the ball this time. I have has some interesting experiences in the past 2 years since my last post *yikes* so ill be glad to share along with my other rants an rages that I usually have lol. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fishing for females? Perhaps My Lure Is Not What They Want.

Maybe i need to get one of these?

Well another day another when are you going to find someone question. Well ladies and gentlemen its like this most people have a hard time understanding that i don't play games, use masks and bother with the general business of working super hard beyond normal means to attract females. An easy explanation to this is to use fishing as an example. Men will have to get a good lure together (cash, car, clothes, etc.) toss it out there and then wiggle it around just right to get a nibble. If you do get a bite you have to reel in your catch which can take quite some time as the usual stuff gets in the way arguments, past boyfriends, ignorance, bad attitudes etc. Then you finally get your catch to the boat after the long and hard battle only to find out its not the fish you wanted. So you throw it back and start over. The deal with me is that i don't mind the battle or the reeling but that my lure is me, the real me. I'm not going to make myself out to be something I'm not just to get some girls. The clothes i wear are nice the car i drive.... no so nice yet.. YET... but what you see is what you get. If i go to the club or something i am dressed in something i would normally wear any other day. I don't have the "clubin gear" that most people have. I do like watches and silver but you wont find me decked out in all the time just to impress some girls i wear them because i want to. Most females cant deal with my hobbies either. I work on cars, i love cars, i build race cars, my job deals with cars, my mistress is my mustang. If you cant deal with me working or talking about cars then I'm not the one for you cause I'm not changing what i do just to impress someone. So i guess in short my lure just is not as sparkily or shiny as most other out there but for me its not what is on the outside its what is on the inside that shines. I keep it real all the time and that's just the way it is.

Love it or leave it ...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Compromise? Too much pride? Off the charts? You tell me.

Guess she got what she wanted.

OK I was diagnosed with a major character flaw by 2 of my friends which I really appreciate it cause it gives me something to think about and reflect on. Do I have too much pride or am I too stuck up to compromise when it comes to women? My thoughts are you can compromise on looks because not everyone is a super model. You can compromise on money cause not everyone has Bill Gates cash. But the one thing you absolutely to me can not compromise on is personality and lifestyle. To me it seems that when you compromise on either personality or life style your selling your self short. Why settle for the argumentative nagging woman when you originally wanted a nice kind gentile woman. Sure sure shes got the looks you wanted, but when you come home in the evening and shes already warmed up and ready to let you have an ear full of what she thinks you did wrong, i don't think i would be too happy. Same thing goes for women too cause I'm not woman bashing. Ladies why settle for that Denzel Washington looking guy that beats you, talks down to you, and tries to belittle you at every chance he gets? Sure hes a knock out in bed and acts like a thug but is that what you really wanted? Why sell your self short and settle for just what you can get now. Is it that important to have a piece of arm candy or a warm body in bed? Cause if it is I'll buy a dog any day. My idea is when you settle for someone that its not really what you want over time there is the possibility that you could regret your decision. You could meet that special someone later on and then what..... now your stuck, you see you messed up, and end up wishing for something better. To me everyone deserves to be with someone that will make them happy and will be there for them through thick and thin. Yes there is a shortage of truly honest and caring people out there but if that is what you want don't settle for the here and now just cause its convenient or because your lonely. You deserve better than that get someone that's going to compliment and help uplift your relationship cause it takes the cooperation of both of you to make it work. Oh and I'm not hating if you want that thug don't settle go get one!

"I bow down to no man." -Riddick

Thursday, July 09, 2009

At last the rock has returne..... what ever its just me

Its been over a year since i last posted pretty much been busy. OK well not really super busy but busy enough. I missed blogging so I'm going to get back into it I figure someone might as well get a laugh out of my daily rants and numerous adventures. So let the good times roll more posts after this and ill get everyone caught up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If Its Not Broken Don't Call?

Hope she kept in touch with her friends.....

A lot of my friends blogs talk about friends and how they love to have them around and believe me I'm right there with them. However have you ever had those friends that you never hear from unless something goes majorly wrong? Like for instance something breaks and they need help fixing it that's the only time you hear from them on the phone? I'm not the best at keeping up with friends on the phone but if I am called and they need help i usually am first to jump on it and help out. But i am beginning to wonder do you call those friends? If they were friends of yours wouldn't they at least pop you an email every so often to see if your still alive? If they saw you on Facebook or Myspace wouldn't they at least leave a comment every so often just to keep in touch? I do that a lot just to see if my friends both "Net friends" and real life friends are both doing OK. As much as I think about it on a daily basis i still find myself not able to leave a friend behind. If i have known you for a while and consider you a friend believe me when i say i got your back. But hey it doesn't hurt to check in from time to time when somethings not broken. So if you haven't heard from me in a while don't worry i usually work around to emailing but more than likely something won't be broken when i do.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Return From the Depths

Cant wait for this type of weather to come back.

Woah last semester had me running like crazy I'm sorry to anyone who still actually reads this that i have not been posting but i was working my #%* off last semester. There was so much work to do and so little time it was crazy!! So time for a quick update. I passed my EPA test and i am universally certified to work on any air conditiong system, i have 1 more semester of my core diesel program to go then its graduation time, looks like i might be graduating with honors. There is something here call a Technical Honor Society I'm hoping to get in there for graduation but i think the times my car went out and i missed some hours from school might knock me out of that. But i mean come on what am i supposed to do i missed 5 hours of class (and not even whole hours if your 5 mins late you loose and hour) out of 6 months i think that's pretty darn good. But i will see what i can do to get in there. I will be glad to make my parents proud. Keep me in prayer i need it lol. One more semester to go ........

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dress Up Or Don't Care?

Shes not going to Wendy's to eat.
I was talking with a friend on the Internet and the subject came up of dressing up for your girlfriend or boyfriend. She said:
Her : "If my boyfriend doesn't like the way i look when we go out then he can look elsewhere."
Me: " So you mean to tell me if you go out to eat with a guy, and you all go to a restaurant and
you decided not to dress up or bother to do your hair your just like skip it. You would be fine with him looking at the hot girl who did bother to do her hair and shes sporting some 34DD chest and a red dress with a split up the side?" What woman in the world would ever let that slide?"
Her: "Well not everyone likes girls with big boobs."
Me: "What ever that's beside the point. If I was taking a woman out and she did not care enough to at least dress up not for everyone else but for me .... yeah we wouldn't be going out .... well maybe to Wendy's or McDonald's.
I don't know maybe i still have the wrong idea as i always say I'm not the average guy and seems like I'm born in the wrong era but i thought the man and woman should complement each other. And not only that you should want to look good period when going out you should want to look good for your boyfriend or girlfriend. OK now if your doing dishes or bumming around the house or just going to do laundry that's a different story then heck yeah don't wreck your good stuff. But to not want to at least bother to put on some good jeans and a shirt when that's how you snagged the guy anyway, heck yeah hes going to start looking elsewhere. Well it turns out she would at least try to put on some better stuff although shes not a fan of makeup which i can understand not every one needs it but don't say he can look at other ladies cause i know for a fact no girl on this earth would let that slide.... or at least i hope standards haven't slipped that far.